Amplify Surgical to Present at the 17th Annual KASS Conference, The Marriage of dualPortal™ Spinal Endoscopy with dualX® TLIF: the dualLIF Procedure

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Amplify Surgical will present the latest evolutions in endoscopic spine and minimally invasive lumbar surgery and showcase the expansion of their portfolio with the dualPortal approach, a novel two-portal endoscopic technique, along with dualX, the Dual Expanding Interbody Fusion System.

Dr. Don Young Park, an orthopedic spine surgeon at UCLA Health specializing in minimally invasive spine surgery and one of the very first to perform dualPortal endoscopic surgery in the country commented, “The dualPortal spinal endoscopy is a game-changer that has completely change my practice. It is a truly enabling technique that can be used in any case that was previously performed with microscopes and tubular retractors. The dualPortal approach reduces the learning curve experience with other endoscopic techniques because the visualization of the anatomy is so familiar.”

Dr. Park will be presenting on The Marriage of dualPortal Spinal Endoscopy with dualX TLIF: the dualLIF procedure, an Advancement of Endoscopic Spine Surgery and discussing his experience with dualPortal and dualX with KASS attendees at a workshop on Friday, March 11, at 10:50 am, where attendees will have the opportunity to weigh in on the impact of dualX and the dualPortal endoscopic approach in spine surgery.

Amplify Surgical welcomes KASS attendees to visit Booth #18 for demonstrations with product experts.

The dualPortal technique is a novel two-portal endoscopic approach to the spine that allows surgeons to easily learn and perform a wider array of lumbar spine procedures than the conventional one-portal technique. It also provides flexibility to perform endoscopic lumbar fusions with conventional expandable cages or dualX.

The dualX technology is comprised of a family of titanium expandable interbody devices designed to expand in both width and height, implanted in lateral lumbar interbody fusion (LLIF), posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF) and transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) spinal procedures. The dualX portfolio contains varying footprints, heights and degrees of lordosis with post-expansion bone grafting to provide a customized anatomical fit for a clinically successful fusion environment.

To learn more about Amplify Surgical’s dualX and dualPortal solutions, please visit our website at, call us at 765-AMPLIFY (267-5439).

About Amplify Surgical, Inc.
Amplify Surgical is a privately held spinal device company located in Irvine, CA. The Company focuses on developing and commercializing innovative and minimally invasive technologies for spine surgery. Amplify Surgical is a portfolio company of IntuitiveX, a life science innovation incubator.