Amplify Surgical®, Inc. Hosts Inaugural Endoscopic Spine Symposium with Cadaver Lab – featuring dualX® and dualPortal™ System

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IRVINE, CA – Amplify Surgical, Inc., a medical device company focused on innovative minimally invasive surgery for the lumbar spine, will be holding its Inaugural Endoscopic Spine Symposium with Cadaver Workshop – featuring dualX® and dualPortal™ System, in Long Beach, California on February 5, 2022. Amplify Surgical is partnering with expert surgeons from South Korea and the US to demonstrate one of the latest advancements in minimally invasive spine surgery, the dualPortal approach – a novel two-portal endoscopic technique. Surgeons are given two options to attend the symposium free of charge, either virtually or in-person.

The agenda will include both a didactic portion focused on dualPortal endoscopic spine surgery including lumbar fusion, as well as a hands-on lab portion for all attendees. There will be presentations and interactive sessions covering clinical outcomes of dualPortal and dualX. In the lab, faculty will showcase the power and versatility of the dualPortal endoscopic approach with dualX TLIF (dualLIF).

The symposium marks a major milestone not only with Amplify Surgical, but in minimally invasive spine and endoscopic spine surgery alike, with expected attendance from surgeons all over the world. For registration information, please visit

The dualPortal technique is a novel two-portal endoscopic approach to the spine that allows surgeons to easily learn and perform a wider array of lumbar spine procedures than the conventional one-portal technique. It also provides flexibility to perform endoscopic lumbar fusions with conventional expandable cages or dualX.

The dualX technology is comprised of a family of titanium expandable interbody devices designed to expand in both width and height, implanted in lateral lumbar interbody fusion (LLIF), posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF) and transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) spinal procedures. The dualX portfolio contains varying footprints, heights and degrees of lordosis with post-expansion bone grafting to provide a customized anatomical fit for a clinically successful fusion environment.

To learn more about Amplify Surgical’s Endoscopic Spine Symposium, dualX and dualPortal solutions, please visit our website at or call us at 765-AMPLIFY (267-5439).

About Amplify Surgical, Inc.
Amplify Surgical is a privately held spinal device company located in Irvine, CA. The Company focuses on developing and commercializing innovative and minimally invasive technologies for spine surgery. Amplify Surgical is a portfolio company of IntuitiveX, a life science innovation incubator.

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